Rolling Mills

Rolling mills are an essential tool for jewelry makers who want to shape and texture metal. They allow you to create flat or wire forms, and to imprint patterns and textures onto your metal. In this blog post, we’ll go over the basics of rolling mills and how to use them effectively.

What is a Rolling Mill?

A rolling mill is a machine used to press metal into thin sheets or wires. It works by passing the metal between a set of rollers, which compress and flatten it. Rolling mills are made up of two rollers, one stationary and one movable. The movable roller is adjustable, allowing you to set the distance between the rollers to control the thickness of the metal sheet.

Types of Rolling Mills

There are two main types of rolling mills: flat and wire mills. Flat mills are used to create flat sheets of metal, while wire mills are used to create wire forms. Some rolling mills are combination mills, which can be used for both flat and wire forms.

How to Use a Rolling Mill

Using a rolling mill is comprised of some basic steps, listed below.

Prepare your metal: Before using the rolling mill, you need to prepare your metal. This may involve annealing or softening the metal, depending on the type of metal and its thickness.

Set the rollers: Set the rollers to the desired distance for the thickness of the metal sheet you want to create.

Insert the metal: Place the metal between the rollers and turn the crank handle to feed the metal through the mill. You may need to adjust the rollers during the rolling process to ensure the metal is evenly compressed.

Repeat the process: Repeat the process several times, adjusting the rollers as needed, until you have achieved the desired thickness.

Texture or pattern the metal: If you want to add texture or pattern to the metal, you can use texture plates, which are inserted between the rollers.

Clean the metal: After using the rolling mill, clean the metal with a soft cloth to remove any dust or residue.


Rolling mills are an important tool for jewelry makers who want to shape and texture metal. Whether you are creating flat sheets of metal or wire forms, a rolling mill can help you achieve the desired thickness and texture. With practice and care, you can use your rolling mill to create unique and beautiful pieces of jewelry.






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